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Tipping. Point Von Malcolm Gladwell Bücher. Orell Füssli. Tipping Point. Zusammenfassung May 5th, - Jetzt Online Bestellen Heimlieferung Oder In. Filiale Tipping Point Wie friedrich malte download it once and read it on your kindle. Easy to read without being dumb, he makes some good points even if it falls short of scientific rigour. Don't regret buying it,won't re-read it however. Malcolm Gladwell revolutionierte mit "The Tipping Point" das Genre des populären Sachbuchs. In seinem neuen Buch schaut er skeptisch auf. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference von Malcolm Gladwell | Orell Füssli: Der. Where you usually get the Read Tipping Point Wie Kleine Dinge GroBes Bewirken Konnen PDF with easy? whether in bookstores? or online bookstore?

Read The Tipping Point Online

Easy to read without being dumb, he makes some good points even if it falls short of scientific rigour. Don't regret buying it,won't re-read it however. Thalia - Online und vor Ort für Sie da ✓ Filialabholung ✓ Vor-Ort- The Tipping Point Read 13, reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Buy The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference on Amazon.​com Read "The Interpretation of Dreams (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)" by Jetzt Norse Mythology von Neil Gaiman versandkostenfrei online kaufen bei.

But honestly, my favorite bit was the section on Sesame Street. It's interesting stuff, no doubt with some truth to Holy suppositions, Gladwell!

It's interesting stuff, no doubt with some truth to it, hell maybe even all of it, but it seemed like every hypothesis put forth was followed by misrepresentation of studies.

Scientists were quoted as saying that possibly their study pointed towards such-and-such a conclusion, and then Gladwell took it and ran with it.

That's not the case through out the book, but even if it only happens once, it casts doubt on the whole freaking thing. There were times I hated this and times I actually enjoyed it.

In fact, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, more than I wanted to. For you see, this is the sort of thing feasted upon by ladder-climbing, power-lunchers, who want to put Gladwell's theories into practice for the purposes of creating their own wildfire word-of-mouth epidemic in the exalted name of the great and almighty greenback.

That sort of greed, rising above the heads of most of humanity to serve the bloodsucking desires of one, is repellent.

I guess I'm one of the few who didn't read this about 10 years or more back. I resisted for a while, but succumbed to peer pressure and misrepresentation of the book's content.

Regardless, here I am. I've read it and probably you have too. So I ask you, is this shit or is it genius? After all, this stupid little book managed to put its theories into practice and the damn thing blew up like nobody's business.

Jun 11, Stacy rated it it was ok Shelves: nonfiction. Malcolm Gladwell shows us with this book that he is a jack-of-all-trades or intellectual disciplines and master of none.

He very loosely weaves together existing social science and economic research to support his thin idea that there is a "tipping point" in all epidemics.

While it was a page turner and interesting to read, his glib conclusory statements interpreting others' research was a bit jarring For example, use of the word "always" when describing a social phenomenon is not a practic Malcolm Gladwell shows us with this book that he is a jack-of-all-trades or intellectual disciplines and master of none.

For example, use of the word "always" when describing a social phenomenon is not a practice to which most trained social scientists would subscribe.

I was also hoping for more practical advice resulting from his work, but not much was to be found other than that many complex forces people, context, etc.

View 1 comment. Jan 19, Shahzad Suleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-non-fiction , life-changing-books , jeff-bezos. A combination of lucid explanation with vivid and often funny real-world examples, the book sets out to explain nothing less than why human beings behave the way they do.

Aug 24, Riku Sayuj rated it it was amazing. Inductive reasoning but still believable for the most part. Extreme fun to read.

Nov 30, Kathrynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: , own , nonfiction-business , nonfiction-metaphysics , reviewed. The author did a nice job putting information together in a clear, concise manner and I enjoyed the examples used throughout the book.

Some examples used early on are carried through the entire book, i. The Tipping Point explains the phenomenon of why some products, businesses, authors, etc become hugely successful tip while others never seem to break apart from the masses as anything special.

The author introduced the following labels: Mavens: People that are very particular about products. They thoroughly research products or businesses and like to stay in the "know" about many things.

They are the messengers. Not just close friends, but acquaintances. Interesting to note, that a connector is not out for self-serving goals, i.

They come off an airplane knowing names of several new people in their lives People with the gift of "bringing the world together.

Salesmen: People with the skills to persuade us when we aren't sure. They are the critical point for the "tipping" of word-of-mouth epidemic.

Why was Paul Revere known for his "midnight ride" when William Dawes was not? Paul Revere was a connector. Why does one restaurant or book become hugely successful while another just as good or better remain fairly unknown?

They had a Maven, Connector and Salesmen in their corner that spread the news of their product or business like a virus.

I enjoyed the "Broken Windows" theory and how it was presented in cleaning up the New York Subway System and subsequently used to clean up run-down, crime-filled neighborhoods.

The Magical Number Seven--had no idea. The information about Gore Associates business and how they are all "associates" with mentors in lieu of supervisors.

They practice the idea that each building hold a maximum of employees because beyond that and the employees no longer know each other or stay aware of what is going on in another department, loosing the personalization and job satisfaction The last section involved smoking, trying to quit smoking and teen smoking.

Some really good ideas presented here. This section also touched on peer pressure. How teens attempted or copied the Columbine shootings and why, how teens have suicide "epidemics" and why.

Why do teens want to smoke? The Afterword that the author added to this book was neat because he addressed e-mail and it's overuse. He used the telephone as an example.

Telemarketers, etc. Fax machines. All were neat when they weren't overused, now we are inundated with e-mails everyday and we don't take the time to respond to most and if we do, it's usually very short.

A lot of good information packed into this book for business as well as sociology. View all 8 comments. Aug 21, C C rated it liked it Shelves: 11th-grade-lit , psuedo-scientific-hogwash.

To understand "The Tipping Point," one must understand what led to its creation: In , there were 5. Many of them were considered human beings, but a few were thought to be celery.

The difference between the two categories bewildered the top dog breeders of the day. To help us think more deeply about the consequences of the problem, consider the following fact: If you were born after and tried to ride a bicycle from Iceland to Darfur, the chanc To understand "The Tipping Point," one must understand what led to its creation: In , there were 5.

Whether or not your parents are divorced is immaterial, as is the amount of padding in your seat. Social Scientists had a term for this late 20th century phenomenon: "Whoa!

His timing was impeccable. At the end of the 90s, America had just entered a period of reckless behavior wherein, with little prompting, Americans would try to arrange words into "sentences" and, if sufficiently coked-up, slap those sentences into "paragraphs.

Senator Bob Dole went on Meet the Press and blamed his erectile dysfunction on syntax. The era ended suddenly on December 31st, , when, according to a budding bow-tie fanatic named Bill Nye, both the year AND the century had run their course.

Feeling threatened, Gladwell went on national television to declare "writing" is the radical, counterintuitive explanation for the existence of what he called "books" but what conservatives called "syphilis".

Jan 23, Hannah rated it did not like it. Yes, yes, even though I started this yesterday I did actually finish it.

And after doing so, I regret reading this. Full disclosure, the subject matter didn't really interest me but I've been wrong before so I gave it a go.

I'll never be able to get back those precious reading hours. There are two things that make this book, in my opinion, unreadable.

Now, I know this was published ca. I can't imagine how this book struck a chord with so many people. The idea that there is some sort of tipping point clever that causes certain trends, ideas, etc.

To me that seems logical and a no-brainer. I mean, duh. There are certain elements that cause certain things to catch on while others don't.

I just wasn't impressed with the author's fervor and excitement in trying to explain a logical thing. I felt as if he was talking down to the reader.

The second thing that made me despise this book was that the author leaves a lot of half-thoughts. He rarely finishes an idea all the way to the end and the book is full of cases that are unfinished.

He leaves one example before he's fully explained how it relates to his thesis and begins on another. I found it irritating and a bad way to write a book.

I have Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by the same author and while I'll probably read it, I need to cool down from this one before I can jump into another one of his what I presume will be horribly done books.

Do not read. View all 10 comments. Mar 09, Dru rated it really liked it. I can see now that the Freakonomics boys took quite a few pages out of this book.

The Tipping Point launched the trend of examining social experiments with results that are, to use Mr. Gladwell's phrase, "wildly counterintuitive".

I breezed right through this one--the most popular books always seem to be quick reads--because I was so caught up in Gladwell's straightforward style of writing and fascinating subject matter.

T I can see now that the Freakonomics boys took quite a few pages out of this book. The book only lags and then only slightly towards the very end with his "case studies".

Someone named DeeDee Gordon, whom Gladwell tells us is an expert in spotting "trendsetters", delivers the following monologue: "I've run into trendsetters who look completely Joe Regular Guy.

I can see Joe Regular Guy at a club listening to some totally hard-core band playing, and I say to myself, omigod, what's that guy doing here, and that totally intrigues me, and I have to walk up to him and say, hey, you're really into this band.

What's up? You know what I mean? I look at everything. If I see Joe Regular Guy sitting in a coffee shop, and everyone around him has blue hair, I'm going to gravitate toward him because, hey, what's Joe Regular Guy doing in a coffee shop with people with blue hair?

And sometimes we want to punch them. I mean, can you even imagine these "Joe Regular Guy" scenarios actually occurring?

JRG: Pardon me? DeeDee Gordon: You're really into this band. JRG: They're okay, I guess. What do you mean? JRG: My name is Ted. In a club. JRG: Are you hitting on me?

JRG: I'm going to go stand over there. Or, in the coffee shop: DeeDee Gordon: Hey there. JRG: Um, hello.

Blue Hair 1: She has identified our leader! Blue Hair 2: Pummel her! Anyway, good book, this. I first read about this concept several years ago in a New Yorker article that discussed the theory of epidemics as it relates to crime, particularly the power of context.

New York and the subway system were in the throes of a terrible crime wave remember Bernard Goetz? Gunn had the transit cops arrest fare-beaters, and they never allowed a graffiticovered car to enter service.

The kids would spend three nights painting cars and then the workers would paint over what the kids had done. If you want to spend three nights of your time vandalizing a train, fine.

But it's never going to see the light of day. In less than six years, the subway system became one of the safest. Mayor Giuliani hired the top transit cop to implement the same theory city-wide.

The emphasis was now on the socalled "minor" stuff, the "squeegee men" who extorted money from drivers at intersections, public urination, throwing trash on the streets, and other "minor" crimes.

The effect was sensational. The crime rate in New York plummeted. The murder rate fell to one of the lowest in the nation.

Context was everything. Studies over the years have revealed that we are mistaken when we view character as something innate, and that we overestimate the importance of character traits when it comes to interpreting other people's behavior.

It turns out that "character isn't what we think it is, or rather, what we want it to be. It's more like a bundle of habits and tendencies and interests, loosely bound together and dependent, at certain times, on circumstance and context.

Gladwell is interested in systems and why certain people and linkages can create social epidemics, be they the purchasing of certain items in a store or how children react to concepts on television.

Ideas and messages spread just the way viruses do, and if a certain mass is reached the epidemic begins and is caught by millions. Why do we remember Paul Revere's ride, but not the other fellow who set off in a different direction but carried the same message in the same manner?

Gladwell has an explanation. He had two things going for him. He was a "connector," i. Gladwell has filled the book with lively anecdotes that support the data he is presenting, making a fascinating read.

Mar 08, Natali rated it it was amazing. This is Gladwell's most thorough book. It has everything that I wanted from Outliers and Blink: research, diagnosis, and a clear call to action.

Although admittedly, the research is not quite as fun as it is in his two following books. And what if you are none of the above, but rather a part of the phenomenon-following mob?

Can you aspire to a different role than the This is Gladwell's most thorough book. Can you aspire to a different role than the one you are naturally gifted with?

I identified with the Maven, as I'm sure most journalists do. So what do I do with that beyond disseminating news and culture?

Can a Maven be a trend setter or a Connector? Since I don't have Gladwell's attention, I guess that is rhetorical.

One thing I love about Gladwell is that he presents strong theory and analysis in a way that allows for variance.

One of my favorite quotes from this book: "That's why social change is so volatile and so often inexplicable, because it is the nature of all of us to be volatile and inexplicable.

Jan 24, J. I was one of those a-holes that referenced this book to my friends in casual conversation, over and over and over again right after reading it.

That said, it was one of my favorites in college and I still enjoy Gladwell's stuff, unashamedly. Apr 25, Belhor rated it really liked it Shelves: other-none-fiction.

This is a book on epidemics. In this book, Malcolm tries to explain, with the wit, clarity and beauty you'd expect from him, the way something small and insignificant turns into a huge wave.

The book started slow and gradually became more and more interesting. I loved chapter 7, which was partly about smoking.

I always knew there was something fundamentally wrong about anti-smoking campaigns. Turns out I was right!

Here I just want to note the beauty of mass data gathering. Without mass data, th This is a book on epidemics. Without mass data, the late parts of the book, in my opinion, could not have existed.

For example we always had data on anti-smoking campaigns, the money the spent and the results they got.

But it's only when you have access to limited but wast amounts of data that you can really figure out what is going on inside the system. Now, this is the first lesson of the Tipping Point: Starting epidemics requires concentrating your efforts in a few key areas.

The second lesson of the tipping point is that whether we like it or not, our intuitions are often wrong. People and organizations that start the epidemics don't stumble upon them by chance.

They deliberately test their intuitions. What we need to understand is that human communication has its own set of unusual and often counter-intuitive rules.

Here again, mass gathering of data and analysis comes into play. The final and maybe the most important lesson of tipping point is that change is possible!

That people can radically transform their behaviors and their beliefs in the face of the right kind of impetus. This also has ties to problems of free will.

I think here we can see that the best philosophy is explained by compatibilism soft determinism! Here we can see that our understanding of freedom must change radically.

I can go on, but I don't want to! View all 11 comments. Upload Sign In Join. The Tipping Point Sep 13, 15 minutes. You're reading a preview, sign up to read more.

Start your free month. More from TIME. TIME 3 min read. But that new wave—whose most prominent member is Alexandria Oc.

It had been week after week after week of gut-wrenching stories of Black lives taken from this earth too early. Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do.

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Write a comment. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell 4.

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The Tipping Point Summary - THE 5 CRUCIAL FACTORS THAT MAKE THINGS GO VIRAL! 😱 - Malcolm Gladwell

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Briefly, the groups present their ideas and give each other feedback. Wenn sie eintritt, dann meist in vorzustellen, einer Form, die wir uns nicht vorstellen konnten. Stattdessen sollten wir an einer Übereinkunft über weiter gefasste Prinzipien arbeiten und es Regulierungsbehörden ermöglichen, die Verletzung dieser Prinzipien zu überprüfen. Und ist, was ist. Tipping-Points sind die Meilensteine des digitalen Zeitalters: Sie kennzeichnen den Zeitpunkt, an dem das zuvor lineare Wachstum einer technischen Entwicklung abrupt aufhört und — im besten Fall — in eine Phase exponentiellen Wachstums übergeht und damit zu einem Massenmarkt werden kann. I love knowing the differences between Sesame Street and Blue's Excalibur Casino and the differences between an adult's and a child's cognitive capabilities. I should have thought to myself: "Hey, there's probably a reason this book is on the half price table. In Bad Oeynhausen felt the argument of this book proceeded very logically and was adequately developed and supported by the factual examples. After seeing the w. The emphasis New Games 2017 now on the socalled "minor" stuff, the "squeegee men" who extorted money from Schachspiel Gratis at intersections, public urination, throwing trash on the Die Bedeutung Der Zahl 7, and other "minor" crimes. The tipping point' is that magic moment when an idea, trend or social phenomenon This is a book which should be read by everyone in business, politics. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm E-​mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Design, Letter Board. There are so many people have been read this book. Every word in Tipping Point: Wie kleine Dinge Großes bewirken können By Read Online. Beispiele​. genealogiemidwolda.nl - Buy Der Tipping Point. Wie kleine Dinge Großes bewirken kö​nnen. book online at best prices in india on genealogiemidwolda.nl Read Der Tipping Point. Thalia - Online und vor Ort für Sie da ✓ Filialabholung ✓ Vor-Ort- The Tipping Point Read 13, reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

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